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Meditative Shabbat 2016-17

Selichot Service 9/24/16

Workshop: "The Joyful heart of Visiting the sick: Tools to uplift the spirit"  

I invited Rabbi Ziona to teach at my congregation, and especially address the caring Committee at Temple Beth Tikvah (Wayne, NJ) on 16th May 2017 about visiting the sick. Her presentation covered a range of areas. She demonstrated the relevancy of visiting the sick from the Jewish texts. She also incorporated role-play to demonstrate the various ways one can engage with a sick person and the family. She used terms like “active listening”, “ministry of presence”, which were powerful.

Most importantly, Rabbi Ziona engaged the audience in a unique, lively, personal and professional way. She was very well-prepared for her carefully crafted lecture. Her ability to explain variety of situations while providing tools to process, implement and practice is inspirational.

Rabbi Ziona left us all with a taste for "more," and we do hope she will come back to teach and share with us from her wisdom and experience.


Rabbi Meeka Simerly 

Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne, NJ 07470

973-595-6565  x15

Rabbi Ziona,

     Thank you for your excellent workshop…. Too often volunteers mean     well but are at a loss for the right words. You have outlined the much - needed tools for the best ways to approach our congregants at these times.

Your presentation was most valuable and we will follow up with your suggestions.

I look forward to having you return to us. Once again, thank you for joining us.


Adrienne Migdale

Chairman, Caring Community, Temple Beth Tikvah

Interfaith Conference on Hagar





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in Israel?" 4/10/2016

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