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Choosing a wedding date does seem easier when you have all the resources directly from a rabbi.


To find out the lunar date for your wedding check out this link.


The Hebrew title for a wedding officiant means

“Arranger of Holiness” מסדר קידושין




Rabbi Ziona officiated my Niece's wedding. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

She incorporated religion, life & love. Her beautiful aura was present.

Rabbi Ziona, met with them a few times, so she was able to make this ceremony personal & special! She spoke about the bride and groom as if she had known them forever. I was beyond impressed! I will say at 62, this is the most beautiful ceremony I've ever been too. I highly recommend her she makes your day incredibly special. Gail (Feb. 2019)



"Amazing! Rabbi Ziona really made our entire wedding experience unique and special.

In fact, a number of our guests commented on how thoughtful and beautiful our ceremony was.

From the day we met, to our monthly discussions, to our wedding ceremony, Rabbi Ziona was always there to help answer questions or offer advice via phone, Skype, or in-person. She was particularly amazing at making sure our inter-faith ceremony held the best of both our views and values and was respectful of all in attendance.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience, one that we would do all over again because our days together felt truly special and meaningful. Thank you, Rabbi Ziona!"  Alex and Sam

"Rabbi Ziona is a blessing - plain and simple.

As amazing as I'm sure your wedding will be, it will be even better with Rabbi Ziona involved. She has an incalculable energy and an infectious optimism about everything. We cannot say enough about what she meant to our ceremony - and frankly, our lives. No question here". Alan and Wendy



The Guided Path for Jewish Weddings


One of the greatest joys in my work as a rabbi is being in the presence of two people who are in love and are fully engaged in their future planning. It will be my privilege to be your rabbi who will walk with you on the journey towards a personal and a life-long, memorable experience.


As a prospective couple, I view you as special and unique individuals. I pay attention to your dreams and visions about the nature of the ceremony. I will create a loving, warm and personal ceremony; it could be of any size, planned months in advance or after 24-hour state law requirement of your marriage license. It could be formal or informal, even in any settings such as outdoor or at the beach.


Pre-Marital Counselling in person OR Via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom

There will be 3 personal meetings to address topics such as [just to name a few] your dreams and plans for the wedding, the nature of your relationship, your personal story and how you handle conflicts and stress.


Ceremonies Tailored to Your Needs


“Not Religious but spiritual”

Many couples tell me right off hand: “We are Jewish, but do not practice”. Others say they want a “spiritual wedding” but not a religious wedding. Rest assure that I am not going to judge you by your life style or by your theological preferences. I am here to help you sort out the ceremony style that will reflect what you are and what you stand for within a Jewish context. 


“Not Traditional but Modern/Egalitarian”

As it might be expected, couples who ask a female rabbi to officiate at their wedding cannot be Orthodox. The majority of couples I meet want a Jewish wedding with all its [egalitarian] traditional elements. I create a ceremony that will address this. I craft a traditional service but make it possible for the bride and the groom to be equal partners under the chuppah.


Interfaith weddings

I believe that by welcoming an interfaith couple we embrace rather than reject the chance for them to become part of the Jewish community. Your interfaith wedding ceremony will be personalized and will also reflect both of your cultural heritages. Details will be discussed during our meetings.


Rabbi Ziona will not co-officiate with clergy of the non-Jewish faith. 


Same sex Weddings

I see holiness in any love relationship and I welcome same sex couples and their families. Among the 14 states that legalized same-sex marriage are New York State (June 22nd, 2011) and New Jersey State (October 21st, 2013).



- Your marriage has to be registered at the County Clerk’s Office. The Ketubbah is not an official form. You are required by law to file a civil marriage contact, also signed by your two witnesses and the rabbi. Check your local County Clerk’s office for their guidelines as soon as you have a wedding date.


- For the basic format of a Jewish wedding see here. 

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