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Pastoral care is my passion. I have been in tune with suffering. I have listened to many life stories, shared with me by patients and their family members at the end-of-life stages. I know of individuals who are seekers and ask questions such as; “Why me?’ “Is God punishing me?” or “What is the meaning of life?”


Although I do not always have the answers, I mainly provide a companion to those who need me. I provide my compassionate listening and the spiritual insights to a problem. I insert a special kind of meaning that is experienced in a particular moment, which can change a mindset, an attitude and stimulate gratitude. I have many years of experience in providing both pastoral and spiritual care. My care does not depend on one religion or faith. 

"The more counsel, the more understanding"

The Ethics of the Fathers 2:8



The Guided Path for Pastoral and Spiritual Care


           I found Rabbi Ziona through the National Association for Jewish Chaplains as I was looking for a chaplain for my mother who was dealing with a terminal illness as well as for my father and for our family during this challenging time.  Rabbi Ziona was very caring, kind and compassionate throughout this time.  She spent time with my mother and with my father individually, and offered prayers by my mother's bedside as we gathered together in what would be her last days.  She was responsive to my requests for visits and reached out to us as well to see whether we needed anything.  She offered suggestions as we entered this territory which was was very unknown and emotional for our family.  

After my mother died, I contacted Rabbi Ziona to lead a shiva minyan which she did with a loving and caring heart.  I believe I can speak for my whole family when I say that she made this difficult time a little easier and brought with her a caring ear and heart. Jeff B.


I am trained to attend to many different cultures and traditions so that I can relate to each individual by the standard of their own world view. For example, in the hospital setting I have provided my services to people of the Baha’i, Islam, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist traditions. I also provide pastoral care to mentally ill individuals and support their families.


I conducted monthly healing services for several years at a local congregation and follow-up sessions were precious. I have guided many through trying times in their lives helping them to heal and regain balance, as well as aiding them in their own self-enlightenment – in hospital, nursing homes, hospice and home settings.


I can walk with you and support you spiritually at times such as:

- Personal or family crisis

- Illness

- Emotional stress

- Standing at a cross road

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